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  • Sailboat "Irene" at Roque Island.

    "Irene" sailing near Roque Island.

  • Staff working on Sailboat Model

    JNA - Shop work.

  • Art work in the shop.

    Shop - JNA Art

  • Authentic Ship's Lights in Shop.

    JNA - Shop - Ship's Lights

Nautical Gifts - Jonesport Nautical Gifts

Jonesport Nautical Gifts sells: high quality Nautical Gifts, Brass Lights, Brass Bells and Ship's Bells. From Beach House accents to Ship's Clocks, you'll find a selection of unique items to compliment home or boat.

For information: E-Mail:  bsund@nauticalantiques.com 

To Order: Please order online. 


Recent Articles

March 06, 2018

The Brass Yacht Lamp with Stainless Steel Bonnet is solid brass with a stainless steel upper body. The glass enclosed flame cannot be extinguished by even hurricane-force winds. This safe and reliable lamp is individually-numbered and can stand independently on a...

Personal Rescue Strobe
February 21, 2018

The Personal Rescue Strobe is one of the most robust PFD lights on the market. $69.99 Safety first!

Chart Weight Compass or Crystal Glass Magnifier
December 29, 2017
2 small, handy items, to have on your boat! A Chart Weight Magnifier so you can see and use your charts. The Chart Weight Compass  looks good, and can be useful. Also looks good on your desk. Check on the Nautical Gifts Page.
Just in: 7" Bronze Bell
September 17, 2017

Beautiful, High Quality, Bronze Bell. 7" diameter, 7" height, weight 8 lbs. Find it at: https://www.nauticalantiques.com/collections/brass-bells (top of page.