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  • Cape Dory 25S waiting for a Sail! "Mimi" on left "Irene" on right.

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Jonesport Nautical Gifts offers: high quality nautical gifts, imported brass lights, brass and chrome Ship's Bells. From beach house accents to Ship's Clocks, you'll find a selection of unique additions to compliment home or boat.

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Recent Articles

10" Brass Bell w/o a bracket
October 15, 2016

A large Brass Bell, 10", made in Far East. This bell is heavy, and has a deeper tone. Not for Naval Ceremonies but rather when you need to get attention! Meals, Camps, Fire, etc.

918 Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Lamp w/smoke bell
October 11, 2016

918 Chrome Atlantic Gimbal Lamp w/smoke bell $149.00 with free shipping. This would work well in your Sailboat cabin.  

2070 B Garden Hanging Light
September 17, 2016

$212.25 A top quality Brass Garden Hanging Light made in Italy by Foresti & Suardi.  http://www.nauticalantiques.com/collections/brass-nautical-lights/products/2070-b-garden-hanging-light

Copper Weather Vane
August 02, 2016

This is a Copper Whale Weather-Vane on a stand used to display in a Great-room or Study. The Copper Whale is 38" long and 12.5" high. The base diameter is 12". The stand allows the weather-vane to be raised to...