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Jonesport Nautical Gifts offers: high quality nautical gifts, imported brass lights, brass and chrome Ship's Bells. From beach house accents to Ship's Clocks, you'll find a selection of unique additions to compliment home or boat.

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Recent Articles

Chrome Oval Bulkhead Light
December 07, 2016

2035 B Chrome Oval Bulkhead Light - Jonesport Nautical Gifts $ 110.50 A Chrome over solid brass Oval Bulkhead Light with center fixing hole, made in Italy by Foresti & Suardi. Length: 7.7", Width:5.3", Height: 4.3", Frosted lens, 60 watt...

15" Nickel 3 Drawer Telescope
November 26, 2016

$75.00 A 3 Drawer Nickel Finish Brass Telescope in a Black Box with metal trim. Telescope expands to 15 inches.

6" Brass Bell from Weems and Plath
November 10, 2016

Beautiful 6" Brass Bell with a mirror finish and Great tone.  http://www.nauticalantiques.com/collections/brass-bells/products/6000-6-brass-bell-150mm-fm-weems-plath

Victory Bell!! For any Celebration!
October 31, 2016

A beautiful Brass Bell on a cast iron stand. The arm on the right rings the bell when moved. The base has 4 holes for a secure mounting. $260. Find it at: http://www.nauticalantiques.com/collections/brass-bells/products/hw-2011-brass-victory-bell-on-stand