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Getting ready for Spring!

Posted on January 03, 2016 by Bernhard Sund | 0 comments

 What does your boat need before launch?

Most of us have the basic details down. Set a launch date. Paint the bottom. Check the rigging. We even get the work done on the dingy. However, what have you over looked? Basics may ensure your safety but the finer details may ensure both a comfortable and exciting sailing season. Yes, I am trying to sell you stuff. Could your boat use a high quality Tide Clock? Brass Cabin Light? Boat Hook?

  This is going to be a difficult winter for three reasons 1. You're not sailing, 2. Snow, 3. Cold. If you're not buying for the boat, then buy something to remind you of the boat. No, not a calendar. Take a look at the Nautical Gift Page.  http://www.nauticalantiques.com/collections/nautical-gifts  Plenty of neat Nautical Gifts to keep you thinking of sailing! 

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